The Original Pop-Up Greeting Cards for Wholesale Company.

Up With Paper is all about bringing people closer together via playful correspondence. Our designers delight in the small details that make our products pop. We’ve integrated pull-tabs, push-button light effects, and sound clips into many of our pop-up greeting card lines. Our pop-up books are filled with hidden lift flaps and facts to engage and inspire wonder in our readers. In 2018, we celebrated our 40th year of creating pop-up greeting cards.

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One of the Largest and Most Trusted Greeting Card Distributors in the World.

As the original wholesale pop-up greeting card company, Up With Paper is at the forefront of greeting card distributorship. However, specializing more than anything else in the conception and design of new pop up greeting cards as well as other such pop up products, whether new or classic, we are a powerhouse not just as a major greeting cards wholesaler but also as a design company. It is, in fact, for this very reason, this design-driven approach to creating new pop up cards and new product lines in the greeting card industry, that we are outstanding among wholesale greeting card distributors.

Ultimately, whether looking at our assorted greeting cards in bulk, our bulk Christmas cards, or our other wholesale pop up products, we pride ourselves on being the best source to get wholesale greeting cards and other such pop up products. This is for the simple reason that we work to consistently provide, among other pop up products, the best new pop up greeting cards wholesale that anyone in the industry can get.

What makes us the best of wholesale greeting card distributors and the best source from boxed greeting cards wholesale to general bulk greeting cards? Unlike many other greeting cards distributors, our wholesale greeting cards and other new product approaches are a testament to our emphasis on new, trend-forward thinking in a variety of pop up product categories. Thanks to our brilliant creative team, we get to incorporate the latest stationery trends as well as our take on these new trends.

So what does our creative team do to get every product to be the best new pop up product it can be? To get our wholesale assortments to pop, pun intended, we take care not only to make every card stand on its own but also work well visually in tandem with every other card in the collection. Each and every wholesale pop up card in our programs is a piece of art, designed and illustrated to be the best you will likely get in any retail environment.

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