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Minimum Orders

Minimum order is $200.00. Minimum reorder is $100. All Greeting Cards and Notepads are sold in units of six (6) per SKU. Books are sold in units of three (3). Boxed Notes are sold in units of four (4).

Contact Details

UWP Luxe
6049 Hi-Tek Court
Mason, OH 45040-2603
Phone: 800-852-7677
Fax: 800-293-8471

Up With Paper, LLC
6049 Hi-Tek Court
Mason, OH 45040-2603
Phone: 800-852-7677
Fax: 800-293-8471


Where is my order?

You should receive an order confirmation email followed by tracking information once your order has shipped. Please wait 48 hours for the information to update. Shipment notifications are released via email once your order has shipped, but mysterious things happen! If it’s been 5+ business days since your requested ship date and you have not received a shipment notification, reach out to us and we’ll do what we can to straighten everything out.

Once you receive the shipment notification, your order should arrive within 1-5 days, depending on your proximity to our Mason, OH warehouse. Please be aware that during Peak shipping season (Nov 1 – Jan 1), the delivery window may be 1-2 days longer than Off-peak shipping season.

Please Note: Some orders may ship in more than one package. While you may not receive multiple shipping notices for each package, rest assured that they are on the way.

Why hasn’t my email been answered yet?

We are a small team trying to respond as fast as we can. Please give us 48 hours to get back to you!

Oops! What if I need to cancel or change my order?

If you need to make a change, reach out to us once an order has been placed. If the order has not already shipped, we will do our best to accommodate the change.

When will a product be restocked?

Sign up to be the first to know! You can find this button on any product page underneath the Out of Stock notification.

How do the Up With Paper card locks work?

Up With Paper greeting cards have a longer life than the average greeting card and recipients love to put them on display. Treasures, Panoramics, Sight ‘n Sound, and Delighted Shadowbox cards have incorporated a card lock feature, to make displaying cards easier. Our patented card locking mechanism can be found on all designs since 2017. 

How can consumers customize an All Occasions card?

Some of our Treasures, Panoramics, and Delighted cards come with a Choose Your Own Message sticker sheet with an assortment of copy options and one blank sticker. Consumers may pick out their favorite message (or write their own in!) and adhere over the existing tag on the interior of the greeting card.

Do you ship internationally?

We are only able to fulfill U.S. orders at this time, but have distributors around the world. Visit our International Distributors page for more details on the appropriate distributor in your part of the world. Please contact us directly if you do not see a distributor for your country. 

Postage Information


As of January 21, 2024, the cost for a regular First Class Mail Forever Stamp is 68 cents, the surcharge cost for a non-machinable envelope is 44 cents, and the cost for each additional ounce over one ounce remains 24 cents. The Butterfly Stamp cost increases to $1.12 and works for all square cards weighing less than one ounce AND for cards in machinable envelopes weighing between one and two ounces.

$1.36/envelope if weighing between 1–2 ounces; $1.12 if weighing less than 1 ounce

NOTE: Most Treasures cards are just above or below the one-ounce threshold.

92 cents/envelope if weighing between 1–2 ounces*

92 cents/envelope if weighing between 1–2 ounces*

Pop-Up Snow Globe Greetings
68 cents/envelope*

Sight n’ Sound
92 cents/envelope if weighing between 1–2 ounces*

Open Sesame!
92 cents/envelope if weighing between 1–2 ounces, 68 cents/envelope if weighing less than 1 ounce*
*Each ounce over one ounce is an additional 24 cents. Adding items to envelope may cause need for additional postage.

Non-Machinable Surcharge

The United States Postal Service requires extra postage, called a “non-machinable surcharge,” on First Class mail sent in non-rectangular or overly thick/rigid envelopes. The Postal Service also requires extra postage when the envelope and enclosures weigh more than one ounce.

The non-machinable surcharge impacts Up With Paper’s Treasures brand of greeting cards, which are square and sold with a square envelope and often weigh more than one ounce. The Postal Service has released the Butterfly stamp, now costing $1.06, specifically for square greeting cards weighing 1 ounce or less.

Please note that the Butterfly stamp icon included on most Treasures envelopes, is an indication for our customers and postal service employees that the Butterfly stamp should cover postage in many cases. We do recommend each Treasure to be weighed prior to mailing for accurate postage to avoid returns for insufficient postage.

Up With Paper is actively involved with the Greeting Card Association (GCA) in working with the Postal Regulatory Commission and the Postal Service to hold the line on postage rate increases, which act to reduce the flow of First Class mail in our country, to the detriment of long distance relationships between families and friends. In addition, we support efforts to eliminate the confusion that the non-machinable and weight requirements create among consumers. We were pleased to be a part of the development and introduction of the Butterfly Stamp, and to take part in the dedication of this stamp in 2010.

The GCA has been the only advocate for the citizen mailer, supporting lower postage and the broadest availability of the U.S. Mail, often opposed by direct and bulk mail interests. For more information on the GCA and its efforts on postal issues in general and the Butterfly stamp in particular, please click here.

To learn more about the Postal Service, the Postal Regulatory Commission, and postal rates and regulations, go to or

Shipping and Handling

All orders are shipped via FedEx ground (in Continental United States) unless other shipping terms are requested in advance. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Terms & Conditions

The following payment terms are accepted: pre-payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) or Net 30 (with pre-approved credit). C.O.D terms are not accepted.

New customers must provide three credit references for Net 30 approval (please allow two weeks for final approval). Accounts that do not provide credit references will be placed on pre-paid terms. In order to facilitate the shipment of new orders in a timely manner, credit card payments are encouraged for first-time orders.

Customers with outstanding, past-due balances are subject to Late Payment Fees and having payment terms revoked.

A $25.00 handling fee will be charged on all returned checks. Backorders of less than $75.00 will automatically be canceled.

Up With Paper 4S or Everyday Clean-up returns must include a Return Authorization Number, which may be obtained from your local Up With Paper sales representative or our Customer Service team. Qualifying returnable merchandise will be inspected in our warehouse. Credits will only be issued for merchandise that is resalable and meets return eligibility. All credits issued are to be applied toward future purchases only. Credits are not automatically applied; credits are only applied at customer’s direction. Credits must be used within nine months of issuance. NO CASH REFUNDS.

Backorders of less than $75.00 will automatically be canceled.

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Return Policy

Up With Paper and UWP Luxe are fully committed to providing the highest quality products, We are therefore happy to provide a refund or exchange your item within 10 days of package receipt if:

  • You received the wrong item
  • Your item has a quality defect (Proof of damage is required by submitting a photo with your request and subject to screening).
  • Your package went missing and you are unable to resolve the issue with the shipping carrier.

The tracking number that comes with your package insures the proof of delivery and ship date for both parties. The tracking number associated with your order will be screened and the carrier will be contacted by Up With Paper or UWP Luxe, if such an issue occurs. In these cases, Up With Paper or UWP Luxe will re-ship your package at no additional charge and with free shipping.

If the defective product you received is no longer available, your payment for the returned, defective product will be credited back to your account.

All refunds and exchanges will be reviewed and processed upon receipt of the item in its original condition.

Unfortunately, we cannot honor refunds and exchanges for:

  • Incorrect shipping address or name provided
  • Delayed shipping from FedEx or requested carrier
  • Changes of heart or taste

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