Bulk Greeting Cards

One of a Kind Greeting Cards in Bulk for Your Business.

Greeting cards have been around since the ancient times. Ancient Egyptians are known to have sent greeting cards, albeit a greeting on papyrus rather than its modern paper equivalent. The Ancient Chinese are also known to have exchanged cards in the form of messages of goodwill to celebrate milestones such as the advent of a new year. Greeting cards are similarly enormously important to the American way of life. We have been shipping and receiving greeting cards for over a hundred years. Although the custom has begun with Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards, it has quickly spread to encompass, celebrate, and commemorate a variety of occasions, including everyday occurrences or their lack thereof.

Many cards wholesalers have capitalized on this cultural phenomenon with great finesse by specializing in bulk greeting cards. It only follows, after all, that if there is a need for cards, there will be demand for assortments of cards in bulk. Ultimately, there is tremendous demand for assorted cards in bulk for businesses as well as for personal use (in which case the cards are blank, as opposed to being annotated by company insignia), resulting in a thriving, competitive industry.

At Up With Paper, to cater to this demand for assorted cards, whether for individuals or businesses, we offer not only bulk greeting cards but new, trend-forward approaches, arguably the best in the industry, to illustrating, designing, and engineering cards. This edge in the quality of the products we output has awarded us with a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the meaningful evolution of the industry. Ultimately, we can say that we have mastered and continue to master contributing to the human experience of sending and receiving cards in a meaningful, lasting way.

At Up With Paper, we see the struggle of keeping up with sending the right birthday cards to the right people at the right time. By specializing in bulk birthday cards, we see to making our customers, wholesale and otherwise, happy and free from having to worry about having enough birthday cards at hand.

To fulfill every need, we design and distribute birthday cards in bulk, including everything from company birthday cards with professional birthday greetings for a variety of clients to blank birthday cards for personal use. Additionally, in order to remain at the forefront of the greeting card industry and make the sending of birthday cards easier for our customers, we place a large emphasis on creating new and exciting cards at every opportunity. Whether it’s new art and/or a new product line with new paper engineering approaches, we strive to make it easy and enjoyable for people to celebrate any and every birthday. In other words, if you are looking for birthday cards, don’t hesitate to contact us for the best birthday cards as well as best everyday cards assortments in the industry.

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