Up With Paper® Uwp Luxe Line Takes Next Step

NEW YORK – Up With Paper, the world’s leading marketer of innovative three dimensional greeting cards, demonstrated new designs and merchandising concepts for its growing line of UWP Luxe stationery items at the National Stationery Show (NSS) today.  The line, which features three unique formats of high-end pop-up stationery—Boxed Notes, Desktop Notes, and Sticky Note Portfolios—may now be merchandised in matching sets across seven different designs.

The Desktop Notes format won the coveted Best New Products – Luxury and Best New Products – Best in Show awards at the 2012 NSS, and is now available in 12 different designs, seven of which are also depicted on the Boxed Notes and Sticky Note Portfolios formats.  With exquisite designs, innovative pop-ups, and the highest paper and production quality, the UWP Luxe line is dedicated to providing sophisticated consumers the most fashionable way to communicate—with themselves and others.

Up With Paper is dedicating a portion of its booth during the NSS to demonstrate merchandising techniques that pull together the matching designs in the UWP Luxe formats, including blue butterflies, terrarium, dragonflies, roosters, and three floral options.  Items in each design set are sold separately, and make a powerful statement at retail.

Up With Paper Vice President and Creative Director Monika Brandrup has concepted and led the development of the UWP Luxe line.  “I am thrilled to be expanding our Luxebrand, and to be offering our range of on-trend designs to beautifully accent any home or personal office space with a variety of colors and themes, for a variety of tastes,” 

said Brandrup.

The UWP Luxe line, which is available exclusively in the specialty card and gift market, may be merchandised on any store shelf, and has a suggested retail price of $15.99 per Desktop Note, $14.99 per Boxed Note, and $7.99 per Sticky Note portfolio. 

            Originally founded as PopShots, Inc., in 1978, Up With Paper has been recognized for design excellence more than 55 times with the International Greeting Card Association’s highest honor, the “LOUIE” award, including the “Card of the Year” LOUIE Award in 2005.  Up With Paper’s Panoramics, Treasures, and Sight ‘n Sound® lines of pop-up greeting cards, as well as the company’s Trinkets® gift enclosures, Pop-Up Snow Globe Greetings®, Pop-Up Notepads, and Jumping Jack Press® pop-up books are available in thousands of specialty retail outlets throughout the United States and around the world.

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